Political determinants of health and global health equity


Concurrent session leader Ron Labonté, who lead  Political determinants of health and global health equity during the October 16 sessions, has shared several resources from his presentation.

Click the links below for downloadable pdfs.

“The Rise of Neoliberalism: How bad economics imperils health and what to do about it” reviews neoliberal economic theory and how it has led to gross inequalities in health and the social determinants of health.

“The Global Financial Crisis and Health Equity” examines the causes of the 2008 financial crisis and how it is/or could affect health equity over the longer term.

“Health Promotion in an age of normative equity and rampant inequality” locates these shifts in global political economy and how it might relate to the sustainable development goals.

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and Health” is a summary article of a health impact assessment of the new generation of regional trade and investment agreements, how these embody neoliberal economics and how they pose specific and general health risks.


Co-operatives: Community owned health promotion


The Health Care Co-operatives Federation of Canada encourages you to write to the Minister of Health (The Honourable Jane Philpott P.C. M.P.) to urge that the government support individual and community wellness initiatives, preferably through cooperatives. In order to ensure community ownership and control.

Here are some suggestions for your letters – please send letters to both  Jane.Philpott@parl.gc.ca and chairhccfc@gmail.com :

Suggestions for a Community Wellness program:

1.  Establish 5 year projects up to $50,000 per year.
2.  Year 2 funding dependent on establishing a community based evaluation mechanism.
3.  Year 3 dependent on presentation of interim results in terms of health impact.
4.  Year 4 and 5 dependent on adapting the project to enhance positive health impacts.