This week we’re all about Global Goal number 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. We’re sharing local, national and international sustainability initiatives over on our facebook and twitter accounts, and we encourage you to follow along, and let us know what sustainability movements are happening in your community.

If you’re attending the 6th Global Forum on Health Promotion this October (we’re now less than two months away!) and you’ve never been to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island before, we’ve got some great videos to share, highlighting our capital city’s strides towards sustainability. Conversations, collaborations, and great ideas abound in these three videos by local filmmaker Millefiore Clarkes, commissed by the City of Charlottetown.

Check them out!

ONE: Charlottetown, What Does ‘Sustainability’ Mean to You? from City of Charlottetown on Vimeo.

TWO: Sustainability. It’s Happening Here, Charlottetown. from City of Charlottetown on Vimeo.

THREE: Charlottetown; Creating a More Sustainable Future. from City of Charlottetown on Vimeo.